Good water. Good sake. Good meat.
Good seafood. Good vegetables.
“Go” means “five,” and these are the “five good things” that make the name “Gozen.”

The things you eat are the things that make YOU.
Our menu embodies a culture and a way of thinking that starts with the careful selection of the cleanest, most wholesome ingredients. It’s culture that you can taste.






I have a career directing films and commercials. So why did I open a restaurant?

Because there is still so much more that I want to teach the world about Japanese craft and culture. Gozen Bistro is about more than just food: it’s about my culture’s love for crafting things of beauty. To start with, the ukio-e prints which decorate the walls of my restaurant are originals dating from the end of Japan’s Edo period, more than 300 years ago. Many of the serving dishes which accentuate the beauty of our food are also from the Edo period, or hand-made by some of Japan’s finest master craftspeople. We exclusively serve premium, small-batch, Junmai sake, carefully and lovingly crafted by master brewers. And our massive on-site filtration system takes LA’s hard water and softens it, closely replicating the clean, gentle flavor of Japan’s purest water. That purity is essential to all of our dishes and drinks, and you can taste it in the first glass of water we bring you when you sit at your table. We source our ingredients from suppliers with the highest standards of quality and safety. We do all of this so that our chef can prepare dishes that will delight and entertain you, served by a waitstaff dedicated to providing the utmost hospitality. In an age when we are increasingly at the mercy of artificial intelligence, and many things no longer bear the mark of human touch, I want my restaurant to stand as a reminder that the most beautiful things are still crafted by human hands.

Yours sincerely,
Mr. hide / Owner